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When one door of happiness closes, Another one opens. But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. --------- Helen Keller
When Russell was about 4yrs old, he got a pedal car for Christmas. Turns out his legs were too long and his feet too big.

When he got a bike and was learning to ride, he would jump off of it and run beside it because he didn't know how to use the brakes.

  I still see my brother with the wind blowing through his long, blonde hair. His big smile shining brightly across his happy face. He loved to help. My brother a true man with a truer heart. I miss my brother!! I will not quit caring! Joe Holt I believe Russell was an Angel in waiting. He earned his wings the day he died.

Russell and Nannie (our grandmother) went to church one morning. Russell was a toddler. When they got there, no one else was there. Russell looked up at Nannie and said, "Wow Nannie, we even beat God here!"
  Russell I love you and always will. Sweet and kind you are. Your life was tough an full of surprises! We will miss you!!! Meghan Russell Russell is not gone.
In the hearts of family and friends
His love will always linger on.
Feel his love and warmth everyday
Don't let memories go astray
For Russell is not gone
His love and memory each of you will carry on.
For Russell is not gone
He rests for a while
Russell happily smiles
As he watches each of you living your life full of grace and style.
See him in the eyes of his children
Feel him in their tender touch
Keep his memory alive by doing such
Russell a wheeler, a dealer, a free spirit and all.
Could feed you a line that was six feet tall.
So remember the things that made him unique
His smile, his personality that was definitely not meek
And that Russell never met a stranger in any given week
If you told Russell that something could not be done (no way)
He would simply and happily show you his way.
So be true to his memory and mourn his death
But please do not forget to celebrate his life
For Russell was loved by family and wife
You will see him again
This you can be certain
For he is just resting
Behind that pearl curtain
Waiting to greet and hold you again
So please be patient, For one day in heaven we
will all grow to be ancient.
Love each other family and friends
for Russell would want all your hearts to mend
Take your time
Don't get in a hurry
Russell knows you love him
So please don't worry.
Cherish the time you had together
That ended too soon
Anxiously await the time you will share
In just a few moons
For Russell is not gone
Because his love and memory will always carry on.
Love - Susan Lemense

You may never really leave a place or a person you love. Part of them you take with you, leaving a part of yourself
behind. Author Unknown

Remember Russell may not be here,
But he has left part of his self here
For us, and we have given him part of
  When Russell was about 18 months - After Nannie milked the cow, he would follow her to the house for a glass. He always loved milk! On our way back grom Germany, we had just come through customs and were standing outside @ about 3am. We started inside and Russell, about 6yrs old, started jumping around. A bug had crawled up his pant leg. Well we got it out and went inside to sit down. About 330am, everyone was falling asleep when suddenly Russell jumped up holding his pant leg and yelling "There it goes again!!" "There it goes again" He thought there was a bug again. We grabbed him up and looked. All it was, was a string in his pants.

Growing up Russell was always there for me. He was always my champion. He always could say something to make you laugh. Even if it was the dumbest thing you ever heard. If ever you needed help, Russell would come. If he was working, he would come after work.
Russell had broken his leg jumping on a trampoline with his girls. This happened a few weeks before I moved to town. Russell came over to help, broke leg and all. Of course, he couldn't help much, but he wouldn't leave until we were moved. I miss him so much. When I least expect it, a sadness will overcome me and my heart aches. Does it ever get better?