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My brother, Russell James Holt, was murdered on February 21, 2001. He had just turned 32 years old 9 days earlier. Russell was the 5th homicide of the year for Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The man who killed Russell went to trial on October 22, 2001. Exactly 8 months and 1 day from the day he murdered my brother.

Here are some basic facts:

Russell was 32 years old. He has 2 beautiful little girls. His girls were his life. Never would you find a better friend or father.

My brother was shot twice. Once in the side and once through the back. The man who did this claimed self-defense. My brother never touched the man. CE's own son stated that my brother fell to his knee after being shot in the side. The last shot was in my brother's back. He could not have been defending himself if my brother was down.

On October 26, 2001 @ 730pm the jury reached a verdict. Not Guilty of 1st degree murder. Not guilty of 1st degree manslaughter. Guilty of domestic violence, a misdemeanor, fine.

My family has lost my brother all over again. He was murdered a second time by the justice system. It is truly unbelievable what money can buy.

Our justice system allows the victims no RIGHTS!! CE was allowed to give a life history. CE was allowed to show his face in court. CE was allowed to kill my brother without any repercussions. He can shoot a man twice with the last shot in the back while my brother is on his knees (this is by testimony of CE's son) and he is still found not guilty. But he is found guilty for slapping his wife in the face and charged a fine. Where is the justice?

When will the court allow the victims rights? My brother was made to be a statistic. The jury knew nothing of his life. They didn't even know what
he looked like. All they saw was my brother's wounds!! He was guilty by association. Due to knowing Andy Helm a few years earlier, he was considered to be in the same class. My brother was better than Andy Helm. He became Andy's friend trying to help this kid have a better life.

Isn't it amazing what money can buy? If you can afford to hire a high profile lawyer, they will spin a web of bull and allow the murderer freedom.

How has justice been served by allowing CE freedom? My brother too had a family. He had two precious girls, a wife, and a stepson. They no longer have him. WHY should Elliott's family be allowed so much more than my brother's?

Until we allow the victims as much rights as we allow the criminal, JUSTICE will not be served.